The garden is situated near Raventhorpe Primary School and is growing on a daily basis - literally! Produce from the garden will be used in both the school kitchen and the community café being developed in Hampton Court. Everyone is welcome and you can keep up to date with opening times by liking the page on Facebook.






What's been happening?

Over the summer volunteers have provided between 400-600 volunteer hours every month and there have been several events at the garden, including a volunteer BBQ. Groups of volunteers have worked hard to create a small haven in the garden despite set backs whilst seeking planning consent. To help with this process, the following assessments have been conducted over the past few months:

  • Traffic survey to gauge volume and speed of traffic on the road adjacent to the site

  • Environmental assessment of the hedge adjacent to the main road and a number of other surveys

  • Ecological survey of the site as it exists now and how it is likely to look when it is a fully developed community garden

 Working with Froglife, National Grid, Carers Trust Peterborough and Stuart Payn, a mural was completed at the garden by young people and a local artist.