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Cultivating Success: Learners are Reaching their Potential with our "Get Into Gardening" course.

We're thrilled to share the exciting journey of our recent two-day course, "Get Into Gardening," hosted at the beautiful WestRaven Community Garden. With eight eager learners diving into the world of planting and gardening, the event was nothing short of a blooming success! Funded by City College Peterborough this is the first in a series of 2 day courses aimed at people who want to improve their employability or just learn more about gardening.

Digging In: A Green Thumb Adventure

In the vibrant surroundings of the WestRaven Community Garden our learners unearthed the secrets of horticulture. Over two consecutive days, our green-thumbed enthusiasts immersed themselves in a hands-on experience, cultivating both skills, knowledge and new friendships.

From Seed to Harvest: What Learners Achieved

  1. Growing Green: Our learners delved into the magic of growing their own produce. From the plant nursery to the raised beds, they got their hands dirty, learning how to sow vegetables and plants that will thrive next Spring.

  2. Seasonal Planting: Armed with their newfound knowledge our students learned the art of seasonal planting—cuttings, propagation, and the delicate dance of sowing different seeds.

  3. The Language of Plants: Plant names and word families became a fascinating exploration, complete with the rich history behind each botanical title. Our learners not only discovered the language of plants but also embraced the stories woven into the names.

  4. Tech-Savvy Gardeners: Embracing technology, our budding gardeners harnessed the power of plant identification apps. With smartphones in hand, they navigated the garden, connecting the digital world with the flourishing greens around them and gaining confidence in digital skills they can use in future employment.

  5. Research and Presentation Prowess: Beyond the soil, learners honed research and presentation skills. They not only identified plants but also delved into the stories and information behind each botanical wonder, presenting their newfound knowledge with enthusiasm, and developing their public speaking skills.

Beyond the Blooms: Skills Galore!

The course wasn't just about plants; it was a holistic journey developing a range of skills such as listening and observation, team work, research, and speaking and presentation skills. We also looked at gardening for wildlife, creating habitats for hedgehogs and insects using the the twigs and grass we had pruned and cutback on another activity to make a cosy home in a tucked away corner.

Tools of the Trade and Planting Wisdom

As well as learning some theory, it was active and hands-on, involving familiarisation with basic gardening tools and activities like sowing sweet peas, delving into the Legume family, mulching to protect delicate Dahlia flowers from frost, and understanding the intricacies of bulb planting.

Open Gates, Green Futures: WestRaven Community Garden

The vibrant WestRaven Community Garden, open to the public daily, serves as the perfect backdrop for their green adventure. Learners will have the chance to share their newfound skills, selling plants and produce to visitors and contributing to the local community.

Blooming Futures: Volunteering and Career Support

Completing the course isn't the end; it is a stepping stone to a greener future as learners were offered opportunities to volunteer at WestRaven Community Garden, where they could apply their skills and contribute to the flourishing oasis.

Career support from Cross Keys Homes, both one-on-one and in groups, await our budding horticulturists. The prospect of employment or entrepreneurship in gardening and horticulture roles is open to them, providing a pathway to turn passion into a profession.

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