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Young Adults

We program lots of activities and opportunities for young people aged 15-25 throughout the year.

Designed to give them exciting and alternative new experiences they will work as team, learn new skills, get great mentoring and support, meet new people and build their confidence, all in super relaxed and spacious environment.

Our sessions are usually delivered across 1 or 2 whole days, giving them lots of time to settle in and work at their own pace. Our tutors are skilled practioners, mindful of accessibility and emotional wellbeing, and will adapt the sessions to suit the individuals needs and interests.

We also offer follow on sessions to support them with job search or further education such as writing CV's and cover letters, provided by Cross Keys Homes support team at the Westwood Hub nearby.

Our sessions are fun, with skills based learning from Carpentry, Music, and Conservation to Graphic Design and Gardening.

Previous Projects & Workshops with Young Adults
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