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Our History

A timeline of the project...

Westraven Community Garden_April 2021 (6

We started in 2015 with funding from BigLocal / Lottery funding....meetings and consultations were held in the community.
BigLocal was set up by Lottery to out money into deprived areas across England that had received little or no money from the lottery funds to that point. 
After consultations 2 options were put forward to create a garden and a cafe, places for the residents of Westwood & Ravensthorpe to access safely and to socilise and take part in community activities.



University Name


University Name

A new logo, a new website and new board members, it has been a busy year so far....

A tough year for everyone as Covid hit. We managed to stay open and deliver our services as best we could..including
food bags
Herb Spiral
Primary School


University Name


.The Classroom and Out Kitchen were built at the garden
In November 2019 we hired Community Garden Projects Manager.



The garden had lots of activity as the paths and allotment were installed and structures went up...An airfield from 19xx to 1950 it was then a  filed, later in the 1980's it was a building site, with portacabins and big crushers and cement mixers to build the local school and housing. When this left it became unused and sat as a derelict space, soon being filled up with rubbish and fly tipping. In 2016 the idea to turn it into a Community Garden was born and the rubbish cleared and..

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